About Us

Axiom Corporation BVBA is subsidiary of AXIOM CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. ISO-9001

Lic. No.: QAC/R91/4690

Axiom Corporation BVBA is a global manufacturer and supplier for chemicals and its derivatives. Axiom Corporation is dynamic group which pioneers in manufacturing variety of specialty chemicals needed by several industries for utilization during manufacturing, continuous process industries, research and analysis laboratory, water treatment plants and other specialty applications.

Company boasts on a well established laboratory and manufacturing plant for inorganic and organic derivatives. Company provides customized solutions with its manufacturing capabilities to produce wide range of specialized products to cater the needs of various industries including Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Industrial Chemicals,Fine Chemicals, Performance Chemicals, Lubricants, Polymers, Minerals etc.


To be a leading manufacturer of specialized organic and inorganic chemicals and derivatives worldwide through :-

  • Continuously getting updated with technology in research laboratory

  • Increasing production output from manufacturing plants to timely meet the needs of various industries

  • To produce best quality products competitively to provide value to esteemed clients


We shall continuously make efforts to provide best quality products to our customers by :-

  • Following best quality standards

  • Increasing the product range and manufacturing capability to become more competitive

  • Disciplined approach to meet delivery time-line and meet client expectations