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Products we provide

Product name CAS number Details
Product name CAS number Details
Lithium Carbonate 554-13-2 Details
Lithium fluoride 7789-24-4 Details
Lithium Tetra Borate 12007-60-2 Details
Lithium metaborate 13453-69-5 Details
Lithium chloride 7447-41-8 Details
Lithium bromide solution ( 54 - 55% ) 7550-35-8 Details
Copper sulphate 7758-99-8 Details
Copper(i) Bromide 7787-70-4 Details
Copper(i)Iodide 7681-65-4 Details
Ammonium Bromide 57-09-0 Details
Antimony (III) Bromide 7789-61-9 Details
Barium Bromide Anhydrous 10553-31-8 Details
Barium Bromide Dihydrate 7791-28-8 Details
Bismuth (III) Bromide 7787-58-8 Details
Cadmium Bromide Anhydrous 7789-42-6 Details
Cadmium Bromide Tetrahydrate 13464-92-1 Details
Calcium Bromide Solution 7789-41-5 Details
Calcium Bromide Anhydrous 7789-41-5 Details
Calcium Bromide Hydrate 71626-99-8 Details
Cobalt (II) Bromide Anhydrous 7789-43-7 Details
Cobalt (II) Bromide Hexahydrate 13762-12-4 Details
Hydro bromic Acid (48%) 10035-10-6 Details
Iso-Amly Bromide 107-82-4 Details
Lead (II) Bromide Anhydrous 10031-22-8 Details
Lithium Bromide Anhydrous 7550-35-8 Details
Magnesium Bromide Hexahydrate 13446-53-2 Details
Manganese (II) Bromide Tetrahydrate 10031-20-6 Details
N-Amyl Bromide 110-53-2 Details
N-Butyl Bromide 109-65-9 Details
N-Hexyl Bromide 111-25-1 Details
Nickel (II) Bromide Anhydrous 13462-88-9 Details
Potassium Bromide 7758-02-3 Details
Strontium Bromide Anhydrous 10476-81-0 Details
Strontium Bromide Hexahydrate 7789-53-9 Details
Zinc Bromide Anhydrous 7699-45-8 Details
Calcium Citrate 5785-44-4 Details
Calcium Iodide Anhydrous 10102-68-8 Details
Calcium Iodide Hydrate 71626-98-7 Details
Calcium Perchlorate 13477-36-6 Details
Copper (II) Gluconate 527-09-3 Details
Copper (II) Nitrate Hemipentahydrate 19004-19-4 Details
Copper (II) Nitrate Trihydrate 10031-43-3 Details
Lithium acetate Solution ( 22 - 26% ) 6108-17-4 Details
Lithium Acetate Anhydrous 546-89-4 Details
Lithium Benzoate 553-54-8 Details
Lithium Carbonate, Technical Grade 554-13-2 Details
Lithium Chloride Anhydrous 7447-41-8 Details
Lithium Chloride Solution ( 40 - 41% ) 7447-41-8 Details
Lithium Chromate Anhydrous 14307-35-8 Details
Lithium Citrate Tetrahydrate 6080-58-6 Details
Lithium Perchlorate 7791-03-9 Details
Lithium Molybdate Anhydrous 13568-40-6 Details
Lithium Nitrate Anhydrous 7790-69-4 Details
Lithium Nitrate Solution (20%) 7790-69-4 Details
Lithium Phosphate 10377-52-3 Details
Lithium Orthosilicate 13453-84-4 Details
Lithium Metasilicate 10102-24-6 Details
Lithium Sulfate 10377-48-7 Details
Zinc Acetate Anhydrous 557-34-6 Details
Zinc Acetate Dihydrate 5970-45-6 Details
Zinc Citrate Dihydrate 5990-32-9 Details
Zinc Fluoride Tetrahydrate 13986-18-0 Details
Zinc Iodide 10139-47-6 Details
Zinc Nitrate Hexahydrate 10196-18-6 Details
Zinc Perchlorate Hexahydrate 10025-64-6 Details
4-Hydroxy coumarin 1076-38-6 Details
Sodium citrate 68-04-2 Details
zinc gluconate 4468-02-4 Details
lithium Acetate Di hydrate 6108-17-4 Details
Lithium Chromate Solution (30%) 14307-35-8 Details
Lithium Fluoro Phosphate 21324-40-3 Details
Lithium Lactate 867-55-0 Details
Lithium Molybdate Solution(20%) 13568-40-6 Details
Lithium Octanoate 16577-52-9 Details
Lithium Oxalate 30903-87-8 Details
Sodium Gluconate 2836-32-0 Details
n - Propyl Bromide 106-94-5 Details
N - bromo Succinimide 128-08-5 Details